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Originally Posted by Steampunk View Post

Name: Bernard Mardens

Age: 17

Appearance: 5í9, brown hair thatís naturally wavy like his sisterís but he usually keeps it cropped short so itís hard to tell. Dark brown eyes with a reddish hue

Personality: Unlike his sister, heís perfectly satisfied with where he is in love and is constantly striving to keep everything the same. Content to sit back and watch things happen until an opportunity shows itself for him to strike. Reserved and restrained, good at charming.

Reserved and restrained, he excels at diplomacy and charm (ahaha but I doubt I'll be able to keep that going). Heís perfectly content to sit back and watch everything happen until an opportunity arrives for him to strike. Although he rarely shows it, his true nature can be rather harsh.

Power: He has the same powers as his twin, Lorelei, but they are not as powerful and he has a stronger control of them.
(This sounds awesome! I think once I've shown what Saelia's father wants to speak about with her, then we can bump into each other? I think that might be a good idea because we can keep the ball rolling at that point. I'll just wait until someone has posted more before I start writing.)
What a wonderful caricature of intimacy
Raindrops on roses and
Girls in white dresses and
Sleeping with roaches and
Taking best guesses
At the shade of the sheets and
Before all the stains
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