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(Name: Eva Remirro

Age: 17

Appearance: She is short and stout, with big hands and feet. Eva doesn't care much about her appearance besides looking somewhat neat, and it's not uncommon for her clothes to be covered in flour or some kind of food or cooking material. Her hair is shoulder length and dark chocolate brown, though she often puts it into a bun or otherwise ties it back (she doesn't want to get any hair in the food she makes). Her skin is a warm brown and she has a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her eyes are warm and dark brown with thick lashes.

Personality: She is stubborn and brave, and hates admitting she was wrong about something. She likes people and talking and will talk your ear off it you let her. She is full of opinions and not shy about sharing them, so she can be blunt sometimes (though she's hardly ever straight up rude). Eva can be sassy and sarcastic when she's annoyed or upset but is generally a happy person.

Idk if she should be a servant or the daughter of a baker or whatnot, but that's what I pictured her as (though she secretly yearns to do more than just make cakes and cookies and stuff))
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