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Default Dierdre

In almost incredible timing, a young woman appeared seemingly out of thin air, although she seemed less like a woman and more like a small whirlwind at the moment. Eyes and smile bright, she swept through any passersby to plant herself firmly next to Beck.

“Oh, Beck! And Beck’s mother, too!” She exclaimed, carelessly foregoing the proper titles. “I’ve been looking for you practically all night, Beck, but it’s just so crowded. I had thought you wouldn’t like it. I almost went searching all the other rooms for you!” She laughed and nudged him gently. “I don’t suppose you’d care for a quick dance with a noble woman such as myself? My poor mother would be oh so thrilled.”

Of course, Dierdre didn’t really plan on dragging Beck into a dance. She knew how he felt about the crowds. However, she also knew enough about his mother to recognize that exasperated, I’m-about-to-lecture-you-about-dumb-stuff tone, as she had overheard it a few times before. With any luck, Beck agreeing to go back to dancing would be enough to drive the woman off for a while- Dierdre wasn’t really sure that it would, or that Beck would even understand the ruse and agree to it, but Dierdre could only hope.

She shot Beck’s mother a hopeful, innocent smile, then turned and gave Beck a ridiculous overexaggerated wink. “Well?”

(Sorry it’s short and kind of sucky, I'm a bit busy rn and also wasn’t sure what else to do since I obviously can’t control the other two characters)
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