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Default Beck

Beck wasn't sure what was worse--diving into the thick of the crowd and dancing some more or zoning out while his mom lectured him. But he knew that Dierdre had to have something up her sleeve; he suspected that she wouldn't lead him straight into his least favorite activity, knowing that he hated crowds.

"Oh, yes, that sounds like a great idea!" Astra chirped, smoothing over her regal features to look more upbeat and, if not exactly queenly, quite royal. Beck nearly fainted with relief. Thank the gods!

"It would give me some more time at this lovely party, and I have hardly danced with anyone all evening," Beck added, even though he belatedly realized he didn't have to, seeing as his mom had already agreed. Astra raised an eyebrow. Tone it down, dumbass, or she'll suspect something's up, he told himself.

"You two have fun," Astra replied, as if fun were something he actually had when dancing with noblewomen (or really, anyone for that matter). He nodded, trying to look just the right amount of annoyed and patient to be realistic, and took Dierdre's arm in his.

"Let us go," he said, trying to sound as regal and mature as possible as he made his way to the dance floor, walking past couples until his mom was out of sight. He looked into his friend's eyes, wondering what she had planned. "I'm hoping you weren't actually planning on dancing, no offense. I just had to dance with the worst partner and I'm pretty much done for the night." He smirked--a rare thing when he was surrounded by people. "So what's the plan?"

(Don't worry, it's fine!)
"my girlfriend turned into the moon"

"that's rough buddy"
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