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Default Dierdre

“Ha! As if I would dance with you, Mr. Two Left Feet.” Dierdre joked, despite knowing he really wasn’t that bad. “As for a plan... well, I kind of just swooped in and hoped for the best when I saw that your mother was cornering you. But I did manage to snag some food earlier, and I found a rather nice hidden alcove where we might not be found, if you can’t get back to your room yet.”

She glanced around. “Or, well, we could always stay here. But I doubt you want the crowd or attention and I know that I certainly don’t want to run into that pig, lord Garlen, again.” She wrinkled her nose and grabbed him loosely by the wrist, already steering him away from the dancing. “Three times my age, Beck! And with the snout of farm animal- same manners as one too.”
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