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Default Beck

He laughed. "Hiding sounds nice, as I'm sure someone or other will corner us before we can reach my room," Beck replied with the beginnings of a grin, though to most people he probably looked the same as ever. He was so good at hiding his emotions most of the time that unless he was strongly feeling something, only those who had seen him often or knew him well could notice anything on his face or in his body language (though that was more of a giveaway than his face).

"And Lord Garlen?" Beck made a face. "I think I win in worst dance partner, because mine basically threatened me to my face and, honestly, she needs to some acting lessons because she was sneering at me the entire time." He followed her, not really paying much attention to where they were going as following the conversation and (what was becoming a common pastime of his) overthinking.
"my girlfriend turned into the moon"

"that's rough buddy"
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