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Though when Dierdre had taken some of the food he was holding he pretended too reach for it with an amused eye roll, he stopped when her tone became more serious. "Thanks," he said simply. "I'm really so glad that I have a friend like you. I just want you to promise me something." He took a deep breath, willing himself to have the strength to go on. "If--if I die, in the Struggle, will you tell my family that I love them? I know I could just say it myself, but they always seem to lose whatever I say in the all of the words constantly filling their heads. Overthinking seems to be a family trait as much as teleporting and dark hair, sometimes."

He was looking at the floor, avoiding her eyes. He didn't have a ton of hope that he would win--that he really stood a chance against people who had probably already figured out his weaknesses and had stronger powers and everything--but he clung so desperately to the notion that he had to win. That he would not, could not die in the Struggle--for his family, for his friends (not that he had many), and for all of the East. He hadn't admitted his private fear to anyone until now and he felt horribly vulnerable. He didn't do vulnerable. He didn't do emotions, period, but apparently the pressure had gotten to him somehow. He just hoped that he had put his trust in the right person.
"my girlfriend turned into the moon"

"that's rough buddy"
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