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Default Beck

Beck smiled wanly. "You definitely would," he replied, brightening just a little. "Sorry for being so...serious. My family just never seems to listen, and I think it's because they're as scared as I am that it won't work out." He began to fidget with his clothes (a nervous habit that he had) before looking Dierdre in the eyes and offering a slightly more genuine smile.

"Anyways, on a less serious note, did you see the Baronness of Aksor tonight? She should not be dressing like that when she is like a thousand years old!" He smirked. "Luckily she didn't see me or I'd have had to dance with her and she always tries to flirt with any boy unlucky enough to meet her gaze!" He chuckled slightly. Gossiping about random nobles helped him take his mind off of himself. Aksor was a town not too far from the capitol, so he saw the Baronness far more often than he would have liked.
"my girlfriend turned into the moon"

"that's rough buddy"
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