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Default Beck

Beck smiled at her; he wasn’t full-on beaming (that hadn’t happened in a while) but still looking positively peppy, which was a vast improvement on his recent mood. Already, thoughts were racing through his head of strategies and what books the library might contain that would be useful. He knew he shouldn’t be so happy about this, seeing as he still knew nothing about his other competitor, but he couldn’t stop himself from feeling more optimistic about the Struggle.

He took another big bite of food, gratitude and hope shining in his eyes. “Thanks, Dierdre,” He said as soon as he swallowed, not sure how to adequately express how much that little tidbit of information cheered him and how much her friendship meant to him. He was the happiest he had been in days, weeks even. Which was dumb, of course, it was only a small bit of information. But Beck still felt a renewed sense of vigor and determination.

(Oh my gosh you don’t have to do that lol)
(On an unrelated note, should I give him a love interest?)
"my girlfriend turned into the moon"

"that's rough buddy"
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