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Originally Posted by Steampunk View Post
(Ah shoot sorry guys homework suddenly piled up)

He laughed softly, a deep and quiet rumble. ďI should pray so too, though I am here for diplomatic reasons, so perhaps it canít be helped. As for your kingdom, itís beautiful, truly. If I hadnít been here before Iíd scarcely be able to speak from awe of it.Ē
He smiled charmingly at her, though his gaze flitted about her form restlessly. ďSo, where might you be off to today? Iíve arrived earlier than expected, so Iím afraid Iíve found myself with an entire dayís worth of unoccupied time...Ē
Saelia truly found the Prince of the South interesting and charming, if not profound. "Ah yes, diplomatic reasons. My father ensured me that many of the guests coming tonight would be of the diplomatic kind. Lords, ladies, duchesses, barons... It's a wonder this kingdom isn't brimming with guests yet," she said, words spilling like an overflowing fountain, and much like her concept of guest-brimming kingdoms. I'm actually going to the library to brush up on some of the neighbouring kingdoms so that I can anticipate any shortcuts around winning the Struggle."

Perhaps that was too abrupt. After all, Bernard hailed from another kingdom and not the same one such as she. Maybe it hadn't been the best idea to spill word of her decision to find out all the conspiracies unfurling from the kingdom of the south.
What a wonderful caricature of intimacy
Raindrops on roses and
Girls in white dresses and
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Taking best guesses
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