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I love this story so far! If it's not too late to join I have some side characters

Name: Percival Morgan/Lieutenant Morgan
I was hoping he could be second-in-command to the captain of one of the kingdoms royal armies. Would anyone be open to having him play a bodyguard to one of their champions?
Age: 30
Appearance: 61, scarred, and muscular. He has a slender handsome face, dark brown hair, a beard that can get quite unruly if not maintained, and dark brown eyes.
Personality: Hes a simple man, loves spending a night at the bar with his men and coming home to spend quality time with his wife and child. Those hes close with know hes extremely gentle despite his intimidating appearance. He often forgets to take care of himself and sometimes puts his duty to the royal family above things like his health and his personal life.

Name: Mira Cosima Morgan/ wife of Percival
Appearance: 54, golden brown skin, broad shouldered and slender. She has long black hair, expressive almond eyes, and a heart shaped face.
Personality: Nurturing and warm. She makes friends easily and enjoys social gatherings. She has a very soothing presence that helps with the stress of her husbands work. Shes extremely religious and has a firm belief that everything happens for a reason.
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