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(Mettaton has turned into a human, and knows nothing about being one. Don't ask me how or why, because I don't know either.)

(Bullies have been throwing stones at Mettaton and Frisk. Don't ask me why.)

Mettaton: ...Frisk?
Frisk: Yeah?
Mettaton: What's this red stuff?
Frisk: (turns around. Evidently, Mettaton was hit in the head by one of the stones. He's bleeding quite a bit.) Oh my God, Mettaton! (Rushes over to where Mettaton is standing.)
Mettaton: Ughhh... (Stumbles)
Frisk: Wh-what's wrong?
Mettaton: It... feels like I'm... losing battery power.
Frisk: (panicking) O-ok, just- try to-
Mettaton: (collapses)
Frisk: (catches him) Oh God! Uh, uhh...

To be continued!!!!!

yeah, I know this is stupid as heck
little do we know, the stars

welcome him with open arms

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