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Flowey: Ha ha! Galaxy here I come! Wait...

Sans: simple logistical problem.

Sans: flowey doesn't have arms.

Flowey: TrAShBag, i SwEAR I'lL

Sans: you can shake his leaves i guess

Sans: but i dunno if that works the same way

Frisk: If I didn't know better, I'd say you were encouraging him!

Sans: don't be mad at me, he's the one who's gonna have to...pay the bill


Sans: since when?

Papyrus: SINCE I BECAME THE *dramatic pose* PUN POLICE

Sans: ...ok

Chara: "evil with a life changing tragic backstory." Lol Mabel has noooo ideaaaaa

Frisk: *under her breath* so I gather you were the tragic backstory?

Chara: More or less.
i found love where it wasn't supposed to be;
right in front of me.
talk some sense to me...

-i found, amber run
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