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Originally Posted by sigfig View Post
Oh god, the naivete.

"How could he possible want to tax rich people? Oh those poor rich people in their ten million dollar homes, forced to pay more taxes. Oh the inhumanity."

Rich people don't get rich by working hard. It's the biggest lie that they have ever invented. Some of the smartest people in our country, the scientists and mathematicians, make well below millions of dollars. Do you mean to tell me that a CEO works harder than a miner, or blue collar worker? Do you mean to tell me he works smarter than a scientist or innovator?

People get rich in this country through business. It has always been that way, and always will be, to an extent. And business is the manipulation of goods and resources, and sometimes, people.

Take Goldmann-Sachs for example. Rich corporation. Primary income? Screwing their investors.

The ultra-rich people in this country get that way through manipulation of wealth.

Don't tell me for a second that the income curve is linear. A CEO making 100 million dollars a year is not working 1000 times harder or 1000 times smarter or being 1000 times as valuable as an average worker making 100k a year. And so he shouldn't be taxed linearly either.
Even though that was posted long ago, I just feel like saying that there's this guitarist that started out practicing for sixteen hours a day, and now he makes millions. So yes, some rich people actually have earned what they have.
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