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Originally Posted by sigfig View Post
"As unto the weaker vessel" sounds pretty sexist to me. That they have different roles? Since when did they have different roles in modern society? You're telling the job of the woman is to be the heart, not the head? That's pretty sexist as well.
Men are generally a little stronger then women, "As unto the weaker vessel" means that husbands should protect there wives (I think)
Mrs. Jensen: With him the customer was always number one. Oscar always treated people with great respect.
Oscar Leroy: [suddenly enters] Hey jackass, stop talking to this old wing-nut and pump my gas!
Brent LeRoy: Well, he's a people person.

Lacey: Karen, I'm glad you're here. Look, we need to talk about the book club.
Karen Pelly: I thought the first rule of book club was, you don't talk about book club.
Lacey: That's fight club.
Karen Pelly: How do you know about fight club?
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