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Hazel’s POV
There was no way for me to understand what the hell Fawn was talking about. He had never told me much, and constantly left out important details. As he told me about Echo, a girl I could only barely remember, I wondered if he knew any important details for himself.
“Fawn, you don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said, hoping to convince him it wouldn’t be wise to venture off from the group. “How do you know she’s here?”
“The boy who brought me here, Sam, told me.”
“Just now, Hazel, in my head.”
The boy had said that he could read our thoughts, and judging by everything that had happened to me in the past twenty four hours, there was no reason to doubt him.
“Do you really believe she’s here, and that there is something to gain from her?”
Fawn’s mouth curved into a small smile. “Yes.”
I turned back towards Gary and Willow. “I’m going with my brother to find this girl.”
Gary protested, “And what about Liz?”
“We will continue to search for her as we go on to find Echo.” Fawn said.
“And how will we know if you do find her?”
“You won’t, which is while you will also have to continue to search for her. Every twelve hours be here. Get some rest. Every time you don’t find Liz and we don’t meet you here, you continue searching. It’s not a great plan, but it will have to do.”
Gary and Willow both gave a small nod and turned to go the opposite way as us down a staircase.
As for Fawn and I, we continued down the corridor we were in, and found a different descending staircase. As we paced down the steps, Fawn asked, “Hazel, do you believe me, that Echo is here and that she can benefit us somehow?”
I looked down at my feet, “I don’t see why I shouldn’t trust you. But I don’t get why you can trust this boy who told you all of this. We’ve never met him before.”
“You said, when he started to disappear after leaving me here, that you thought you knew him.”
“But there’s no way I-”
Fawn stopped at the bottom of the stairs. “Hazel, as soon as he said Echo’s name, I saw things. Short clips of memories of her and I. What if, you really did know Sam, and you have memories of him, like I have memories of Echo?”
I looked at him dead in the eye. “Okay, so say maybe we did know each other, What if he was an enemy, Fawn? You don’t know that he’s not. Surely, if I thought I knew him, he must have had some kind of significance, yes? The only explanation is that he was some sort of threat, Fawn.”
And then I heard him, inside my head:
Honestly, I don’t know much more than you do, Hazel. However, I suggest you listen to what I have to say right now.
My eyes got wide and for a moment I stopped breathing.
“You okay, Hazel?” Fawn asked.
I glanced at him and gave a reassuring nod. “Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s just keep walking.”
You’re such a bad liar, but lucky for you your brother isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. And yes, I do know more about the two of you than you think. For instance, that you are both coyote hybrids. I also know that you can’t use that sword of yours if your life depended on it. No, I personally don’t see myself as a threat to you nor your brother. In fact, I have some information that could very well be beneficial for the two of you. I’ll let you think about whether or not you want it.

Quite honestly, it didn’t take me much time at all to make the decision. The voice in my head sounded familiar, like something I had heard in a dream. He didn’t sound threatening, although that’s never a good reason to trust anybody. But still…
Okay, I thought it as if saying it, even though I knew very well that I didn’t. He knew what I was thinking.
Hazel, your brother is about to find something very important, once you guys reach Echo. He’s going get some memories back. Important memories. And unfortunately, you will still be in the dark. But I think I know how you can access those memories.

--You’re not making any sense. And why would I want these memories? Are they good ones?

Some of them, yes are good. Many of them might not be so pleasant. But Hazel, you’re going to want these memories, especially after Fawn has his back. And all you need to do is access your clairvoyance.

--Clairvoyance? Like ESP? What are you talking about?

Just trust me. I need you to stop walking for a moment.

“Hey Fawn, why don’t we rest a moment. I’m not feeling so well.” I said.
“Um, okay.” Fawn replied. We found a small loveseat and I sat down. “You go ahead and rest a couple minutes. I’m gonna keep watch.”

--Okay, now what?

Close your eyes.

I did so. I hadn’t really slept the previous night so closing my eyes kind of stung.

Try to envision the face of somebody you’ve met in the past couple days. Not Fawn, but somebody new.

Sam’s face appeared in my head, his pale blond hair and skin contrasting the darkness around me.

Nice choice. Okay, now try to envision me with you somewhere inside the mansion, but not where we first met. Think in a hallway or in a room. Okay. Are you seeing anything? Try walking around the mansion with me. How about now?

--I, I can see a boy. He’s alone. He’s someone that I can remember, vaguely. He’s not a threat, but he’s not my friend. He’s in the mansion for a specific reason. Now there’s a girl next to him, I can remember her. Minnesota? Darkness surrounds them.I can only really see their shadows. Saeran? Is that his name? And there’s one more. Icicle.

Can you remember anything?

A lot of things are still fuzzy. But I remember Echo, and Liz and Gary. I can remember Willow, vaguely. And you. Fawn, of course. But there’s still parts missing. I can’t remember how we got here, and what happened before Fawn and I ran in here this stupid mansion.

Do you think you can find Echo with your clairvoyance?

I opened my eyes and called Fawn over. I smiled and got up from the loveseat. “Much better now. Let’s get going.”

--I think so.

A wave of unpleasant emotions washed over Sam when Hazel mentioned Saeran, but he did not let himself get carried away by it. He simply rode it out—after all, his “business” involving Saeran was not revenge. Currently, at the very least. Finding him and associating with him at some point would nonetheless be entirely unpleasant. However, it was necessary—unless someone else of his power and caliber existed that he could contact. But he didn’t need his old friend—he could call it that, Sam supposed he actually thought of some people as friends back in the day—at the moment.
His current goal, his task, was actually something of a favor to the old Gateway gang. Oh, yes, he remembered. Samael Caelius did not forget things. Things had ended up like this, an altered timeline, by some sort of glitch—likely due to some sort of higher power. Because of this alternate universe, things were dangerous; they were in the same Gateway, he knew at least that; there was only one Gateway Mansion. But this same Gateway Mansion could be entirely not the same—it had, before, already been unpredictable. Now, it would still be unpredictable, but its metaphorical coding was not the same, and thus… who knew. It could also be exactly the same, though this was unlikely, and then his favor would be more simple: getting the group—of which he was not a member, hell no, he had simply associated with them in the past because of personal reasons—back together as a favor in return for their hospitality in the previous universe. Sure. Let that be the reason. Really Sam was making this up as he went, because the Mansion felt different, and he was interested in what had changed for his own reference. After all, a sort of “gateway central” was a useful thing to have access to. Of course, the whole “favor” thing was not a lie—he was helping them in doing so. They weren’t all too terrible of people, he supposed, if one liked people. Oh, and they were also probably in danger. With them there was always some danger or another. Well, might as well get them back together, possibly even hang around them. A group like that, one of generally experienced people of all walks of life and skills who knew a lot of things could definitely be useful. He also possibly genuinely wanted to help them simply because. Possibly. And currently he was doing that in his telepathic conversation with Hazel.
Although Sam was generally always on his toes, he had felt for the past few days that it was particularly urgent for the Gateway group to come together again.
Something was going to happen soon.
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