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Originally Posted by HannahChen2009 View Post
Ena, I posted your summary to the main post at the top. It's very useful, thanks for doing that.
Luna, you can write for Icicle, wandering around the Mansion. (I feel like we should capitalize Mansion, lol, because it now has an entity.)
I have an idea though- the Mansion entity should definitely in some way be linked to that random creepy butler I made up in the first chapter.
Also, you guys are all free to write for Gary and Liz, you know that, right?
Let's try to refrain from writing too much about/for each other's characters, however, as we need to establish personalities and things. I'm going to be mostly inactive for the next month and a half as I have Senior High placement/entrance exams, but after that, I am blissfully free for the rest of the summer, which is pretty neat.
Originally Posted by SilverMoon View Post
ok thanks
oh yeah icicle lol. who's she going to meet up with?
YES I was totally thinking that when I was rereading!
I know I'm technically free to write for Gary and Liz, but I generally feel uncomfortable controlling any characters I didn't create ^_^
good luck with entrance exams btw!
Yeah Icicle's pretty much just there. She's not actually doing anything. She should do something/meet up with someone idk what/who. I'll do that though I'll probs post later then...
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