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"I'm taking you to the hospital a few blocks form here. Now, are you planning on walking, or…" I put my hands out awkwardly to motion that I'd carry her. Reluctantly she allowed me to scoop her up and carry her. Luckily she was fairly small, and I wasn't exactly weak, but my arms were starting to get a little sore after a few blocks. We weaved through alleys to avoid being seen by people going about their everyday lives on the main streets. And then it came into sight.

I walked a little quicker as she slipped back into unconsciousness. The hospital's bright red signs directed me to the emergency room exit. Crap, how was I going to explain this? I decided not to worry about it, my biggest priority was to get whatever-her-name-was taken care of so I didn't have a death on my conscious.

Her eyes flickered back upon and she groaned when she realized where we were. I said reassuringly, "It's alright, we're gonna fix this. Just tell me your name, so I can help."
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