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I could've sworn I have seen something extremely similar to this before... Anyway, I'll join!!!

Name: Piper
Appearance: Curly Golden hair that goes just past her shoulders, pale green eyes, and normal, not tan and not pale, skin. She is tall and is hardly ever smiling.
Personality: For a 13 year old, she is very smart and intelligently excelling, but she is also veery solemn and kept to herself. She is an over achiever and will support her friends in anything, as long as she thinks that they are right. She does talk, but expresses almost no feelings, like, ever.
Special Skill: She is excelled at the martial arts.
Props?: You know those headbands that go around your forehead, and are made of gold or silver? She has an intricately designed bronze one that she always wears.
Misc: None, unless someone wants to be her sister...
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