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Default ❤💚💙💛 Hogwarts Oc Arttt ❤💚💙💛

So, ever since I commented on Frostbittenkitten's post about the Hogwarts original characters, (liek 2 mints uhgo), I thought,


and no, that's not exactly what I thought.

I thought that I should make a Hogwarts blog, (Sy takes a break to make the Hogwarts blog after saying that*)

oki back it's been like 5 minutes making blogs is so quick tbh.

here's the link:


(I still can't believe no one used that URL)


I will draw your original characters from how you described them, (from either in the replies to this thread or FrostBittenKitten's thread), and if it's not how you wanted it to look, I'm truly sorry.

(takes another break because forgot to post her oc for example of how it'd look)

SO, I wrote everything about what I'll do with the oc art in the newest post in the blog so yeah, thanx 5 reading
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