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Originally Posted by venika View Post
i miss this site

honestly i dont really think i talked much on here or at least as much as i wanted to, out of shyness mostly. which was so dumb. but everyone on here had such a big impact on me, like seriously, i learned so much not just about writing but about growing up and stuff

anyway now i'm halfway through college and i kinda hate it shh but yeah if anyone wants to catch up or talk my twitter is @sharklasersgirl and my instagram's @finnyv. okay cool.
hey i miss you too!

college is meh. i'm having the best time i can under the circumstances but trying to adult and learn stuff and work while All This (tm) is happening? meh.

i hope you have the best life for what it's worth. i'll catch up once i have a kp/internet specific instagram

just checked out your twitter. it is cool
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