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Originally Posted by Werty View Post
I know how late I am. I know the demiblog is dead. I know I should have read these books so long ago.

But I didn't so here we are.

So I've checked in on the old NES and I guess you could try kickstarting it without me but I mean why not


I know you guys have the most structured kidpub fandom for this and I'm sorry that I'm late and can't really be a part of it.

Feel free to use your old OCs that I know nothing about and even tie in the old plot. I know barely any of the old humans come on here who would want to post buy hey at least someone might see this and alert the offliners

Child of:
Special weapons:

I'm probably not going to post my beautiful child right now due to the fact I have 8 minutes let of study but have fun
Hey I know for a fact that Ena still wants to continue the old NES, so if you want to get a piece of that action you're probably welcome. I stopped doing it a while ago for various reasons but if you want to participate ask Ena and/or post on the old one
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