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Originally Posted by SilverMoon View Post
^Yeah, I really want to revive the old NES because it's a project that me and Sravani and Athena and Luna had put fucking EVERYTHING into, and it was amazing. There's literally 80,000 words. But like, almost nothing relevant happens in like the first 10,000 words and we could probably get rid of / replace some irrelevant characters or those whose creators aren't around anymore!!! I can probably get Sravani back in the loop on this because we literally love our ocs that came from this with our entire hearts, and we can maybe work out a compromise between old and new ideas!!!!! I'm deadass so excited (as long as you're down with a teen-rated nes bc sravani and i's characters can get pretty anxious) like we could rewrite the old nes with the same plot ideas we maybe never got around to and really make this project come alive again!!! From the beginning as far as writing it, but bringing in the old ideas and foundations :3 I would be so happy to have you and maybe a new face will revitalize the idea!! Do note that Sravani and I take this project very seriously however and a high level of commitment is preferred because we've always wanted to make this into something amazing.
Omg yessss I am sososo excited abt this idea
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