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Morganne had a cat.

Her name was Calla and she was a beautiful tabby-striped little thing. "I'm gonna keep her forever and ever and ever!" gushed Morganne as she held her kitten close to her face. Calla licked her nose and she laughed. "I HAVE A CAT! Finally! I've always wanted a pet cat! She's so precious and I love her! What next?" She had all her school books and supplies, and had even bought her very first chocolate frog. She wanted to save it for the train ride, though.

"Every witch needs a wand." Her father took her hand and walked her over to Ollivander's, the famous wand shop. A young boy, possibly a first-year student at Hogwarts, had just received a wand and was trying it out.

"Hello, young lady! Ollivander is terribly sick so I am running the store instead of him. Now, which hand do you use?"

"Either." Morganne was actually ambidextrous. Some days were right-hand and others were left. Her handwriting was equally good (read: equally sloppy) with both.
"Hm... this is a tough case. Which one are you more comfortable with?"

Morganne's father answered for her. "She's slightly better with her left hand. It's stronger."

"Left it is. You're also an unusually tall young lady... let's try this. Oak, Dragon heartstring, 10 inches." The man placed a wand in her hand, forcing her to set Calla on the floor. The cat meowed against her leg as she tried the wand. She waved it in a simple circle and a shelf nearly toppled over. Fortunately, her father was quick to right it with a simple spell.

"Hm, that's a little short, isn't it? Maybe you're a veela hair kind of girl. Let's try oak, veela hair, and 11 inches." The wand fit perfectly in Morganne's hand. She made a circle again and a small gust of wind could be felt. Calla shuddered and pawed at Morganne's foot.

"So how is it?" asked her father."Remember to say thank you!"

"Perfect, I think! Thanks... um..."

"Sylvester Sicklebee," the man replied.

"Thanks, Mr. Sicklebee!" Morganne was close to elation, but she was awfully good at keeping it in due to her introversion.

She shot a shy smile at the other boy and the two adults who appeared to be his parents. Within half a second her jaw had dropped and her green eyes became their widest. "Wait... that's not... Dad, is that Harry Potter?"

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