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Default The cynic's book review service

Welcome to the most successful reviewing service on KidPub. Not being arrogant, it's true. This service has been running since December 2012, during which time I have done countless reviews. The thread has more comments and thus more pages than any other review service. As such, I am a respected critic within our community and have been nominated for awards in various yearbook attempts people have done.

If you want something reviewing, am a trusted source on this matter, and I will be honest with you, if a little blunt and maybe slightly sarcastic.

Obviousness means you post link. Now. Or else. Please can you tell me how long it is (in chapters) because I need to know when I will have time. I won't reject it if it is too long, don't worry, I just want to know (I never did get around to reviewing Vladimir's Mansion though)

I will be honest. Which means if it is utter rubbish, you will learn as such.
Oh, and I review entire books, not just one chapter. I also review reviews, anything going that you want reviewing...but not poems as it's too difficult. Meh.

And I made a failworthy logo...

Still, I have pride in my artwork.
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