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Default I really need help!

So, I have this problem.

I'm writing this book called Breaking Darkness. The plot is that this Norweigan girl gets transported to this fantasy world with this giant spider that grows so big she can ride on it. She is captured by evil trees, but escapes. She makes friends with weird animals and the few good people, but when the rebels of Chalkboom attack her and team up with the evil armies of trees, she has to think up some weird stratigic plan that I haven't thought of yet to force them to find a home in the dark lands on the other side of the swamp. Then she has to fight an evil lord with a weird haircut for the throne of the new city that she establishes.

My problem is that my parents will not like it if I make it too violent or dark, so I have to be really careful what to write. For another book later in the series that I wrote (this is the first book in the series), I made it all be comedy, but I want this one to be more serious. How can I put this story to make it appropriate?

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