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Me: wait

Tad: did Chara just say what I think she just said

Me: *to you only* wow snow thanks for spoiling Undertale-

Dipper: um...

Mabel: wait the evil talking flower is royalty that's cool

Bill: *bursts through a wall* DID SOMEONE SAY CIPHER?

Mabel and Dipper: *screams*

Tad: literally no one said Cipher.

Dipper: stAy bAck, stupid triangle!

Bill: *suddenly behind Dipper* okie dokie!




Bill: wow! this is so socially awkward it's just sad! okay. *appears behind Flowey* so, flower, how would you like to help me take over the universe?

Dipper: please just don't possess me again
please, ignore my screaming.
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