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Originally Posted by Werty View Post
Tad: the "comedian" knows WAY more than he lets on

Me: ... depending on how you play the game

Bill: so... if we kill the girl, will you get your power back?

Tad: No means no, Bill

Dipper: is it okay if we get out of here because we don't want Bill to kill us all

Mabel: I'll be back with my karaoke machine

Tad: oh this is going to end bad
Sans: what game? my game? the one i'm in, apparently? heh, guess so. don't play with me, k *winks menacingly*

Me: ...oh dear me.

Frisk: Maybe, Evil Triangle, but I think if I die here I'll just wake up in the video game-- and none of you can touch me there. Except...

Chara: Don't...

Frisk: Except exceptions.


Frisk: Yeah, I appreciate that, Papyrus. I really, really, do. And so does your brother.

Sans: you have no idea

Frisk: Wait, did Mabel mention a karaoke machine???

Maglor: *appears from the mists* *sadly* I...like karaoke...I think.

Me: What are you doing here? It's not your turn.

Maglor: I just want to sing. It's what I was born...born to do. It's why I'm still alive.

Me: Okay, Maglor, hon, go ahead and stick around. No fighting, though. I'll see if I can go get your brother.

Maglor: ...Russandol?

Me: We'll see. Don't get your hopes up, okay? *aside, to you* Kayla, this is Maglor, he's from the Simarillion by Tolkien. This Maglor is an older Maglor, after he has lost everything and is singing by the sea alone. Also. If Hazel ever comes back she can have these characters back, but while she isn't here, I don't think she'd mind too much.
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