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Amber (Book One time): Hm...I wonder what I'd look like as a Troodon...
Charlie (Book One times): *stares into space* *smiles like an idiot*
Me: XD *uses writer powers to make him picture Amber as a worm*
Charlie: O_e *snaps out of it* Uh, er, well...
Amber: *shivers* Ew.
Me: How would she look as a wolf?
Charlie: Hm......I have no clue. Well, first of all, we'd have to FIND a wolf so she could copy its form.
Me: Technicalities. Whatever. :P
Amber: We COULD just go to Yellowstone or something and find one...or maybe a wildlife sanctuary or a zoo would help...
Me: :P Just answer the question.
Amber: *rolls eyes* Okay, then. I'd...probably be...I dunno. Brown? Maybe sandy colored like Chloe from Equinox?
Charlie: Actually, I think she'd be white. *looks at me*
Me: What?! I ain't saying!
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