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if you think enough, you'll realize that you have an immortality complex.

nobody ever expects to die. nobody does something dangerous and thinks 'I'm gonna die no matter what if this one slight thing goes wrong', they think 'if this goes wrong, but I do this, then I can survive. I'll be messed up, but I'll live', 'if something goes wrong maybe i'll be that once-in-a-million miracle case who survives'.

we go on the internet, or turn on the tv, and we see people who died doing regular everyday stuff, and then we turn around and do the same things without a second thought, because that couldn't happen to us, right? we couldn't die doing something so mundane, right?

we're so fragile but we don't realize it. we're so breakable but we act like we're made of steel.
Little boy inside my chest
Breathe some life into my bones
I've been lost and wandering
Down and out and missing home

(So beat a little louder now
I can't hear you anymore)
-Barns Courntey
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