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I'm finding it difficult to reconcile all the different parts of my personality in such a way that other people irl can understand it. It's much easier on the internet, where there's time to adjust details like tone and diction, and stuff like facial expressions are almost always totally eliminated. Plus, on the internet people tend to be more open. For instance, on the internet I can say I like to separate the most present or noticeable 'versions' of my personality into complete personas/roles that I can step into (sometimes without consciously deciding to), and these personas all have different names and clothing styles and so on, and it wouldn't be a big deal. But if I were to say that to, say, one of my closest friends, their reaction would probably be to treat it as me being Weird and Quirky(tm), like a joke that skipped a few steps on the way to being an inside joke-- it's almost funny but the context isn't all there.

So the problem then becomes; how does one layer these so-called 'versions' of personality, how does on meld them in such a way that changes between them is seen not as unstable or immature leaps between extremes (or leaps in general), but rather as a natural action or reaction that coincides with the rest of the persona as a whole. Basically, how do I be all of me to someone who knows none of me. The immediate solution seems to be to come up with a persona that mixes all of the 'versions' into something that works, which raises a few problems, such as how to balance style differences, and which persona should have the most weight on the impression I give people personality-wise. It also raises the question of whether, when all this image-building is said and done, will it be me, or will it only be an image.
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