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*Wonderful... I'll continue!* Memories float past my eyes, and go into a black hole. Meeting E, and Z, moving, accelerating and all those good and powerful memories float past my eyes. I scream and refuse for them to go away, and they still do... I watch my first day on Earth and fade back towards consciousness.
My eyes flutter open as I see a girl looking up at me upside down. "You're okay." she says as my eyes get bigger and bigger.
"Get away from me!" I shriek as I run towards a tree. "Who are you people? Where's my mother, and father, and brothers."
"Do you even know who you are." Another girl says as my eyes get bigger and I realize... I don't.
"No." I say before I collapse into tears.
*Note, if you didn't get what just happened, I now have amnesia {I ACTUALLY SPELT IT RIGHT!}*
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