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For Lost in Life,I had everything planned out in my head. I liked to write tragic stuff, but I usually discontinue. I think this was different, because there was death and it kept things interesting. what got me motivated to write more was usually Kay's and Stara's comments. Changes Shall Appear was a must. I couldn't just write one book, and then leave the sequel half finished. At this point, I had 4 readers (and 2 that were guests). I had Kay, Stara, Kyle, Xaxvier. I had another one, which had commented on my website saying she loved it, and when LST joined, he told me that he was a reader of the series. The third, Lost In Change, like I said, I couldn't just leave it. I had Kay, Stara, Kyle, and Nevaeh. I had to finish the series. I meant to stop it at Book 3, but then I was forced to write a Book 4 by readers (like Kay...she was going crazy). Kay gave me an idea in an email, and then it was bloody brilliant. We wrote Lost in Fate together. The whole thing was totally planned out. It was written out, so even if the first was planned, the 4th was so much better, I think because it was written out.
I think the best thing, is to just plan everything out, no matter how boring planning seems.
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