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Default Summer Murder Mystery NES

Hey guys, Luna here! So I was bored and since there is very little activity on this forum (or really on the WB at all tbh) these days I tried to think of something to hopefully liven it up a bit! So my idea is this:

A group of friends are on a trip for summer break together, celebrating that school is finally over for the year when suddenly one of them goes missing. As more of them slowly begin to disappear, they must figure out who the killer is and stop them before it's too late! All they know is that the killer is one of them.

So I'm going to start when they're leaving for the trip, before anyone dies. You can make up to three characters, and you can request to be the killer (if we have enough people to get started and no one has volunteered to be the killer than I am going to be them).

First, here's the rules:

1. No killing other people's characters without their permission.

2. If we are already started you can join as a person who meets the group of friends and tries to help find the killer.

3. Since this NES is a murder mystery, be warned that it's probably going to be PG-13 at least.

4. Don't be overly graphic when describing dead characters (some imagery is okay but I'll tell you if you cross a line.)

5. Romance is allowed as long as you don't take it above PG-13.

6. No knowing who the killer is. It ruins the NES when your character somehow knows who is the killer, since it's supposed to be a murder mystery. Your character can be suspicious but not omniscient.



Age (I was thinking late highschool for the ages here, but if you guys want to do college kids that works too):

Gender/preferred pronouns:




Other important details (backstory, relationships with other characters, etc.):

That's all the ideas I have right now so I hope that a few people will join this!
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