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My (first) character:

Name: Joshua Lopez (goes by Joss)

Age (I was thinking late highschool for the ages here, but if you guys want to do college kids that works too): 18

Gender/preferred pronouns: male, he/him

Sexuality: pan

Personality: He seems fairly indifferent to some people, because he isn't one for showing emotions constantly. Joss is friendly enough to everyone, but really only tells them things on a need-to-know basis, and when it comes to talking he is concise and to the point, sometimes to the point of rudeness. He really does care about his friends, even though it may not always seem that way, and would act selflessly in a life or death matter. He is good at staying calm under pressure, and uses sarcasm a lot when he is tired or nervous.

Appearance: Joss has warm medium brown skin, unruly dark brown curls, and eyes so dark brown they look almost black. He has long eyelashes and a tiny smattering of freckles you can only see if you get very very close. His nose is medium sized and his lips are full. Joss has a somewhat athletic build from playing baseball, but he isn't good enough at baseball to actually go very far with it. He's average height at about 5' 10", and has a dimpled smile. Though he usually quirks his mouth into a curious half-smile instead of smiling all out.

Other important details (backstory, relationships with other characters, etc.): He plays baseball (second base) and bass (the orchestra kind, not the guitar kind). He plays video games sometimes with his friends or siblings but isn't hardcore into them. He likes older music (like 70s and 80s) and usually wears t-shirts and jeans with a pair of Converse. Occasionally he'll switch out the Converse for hiking boots (not because he hikes a lot, he just thinks they look cool).
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