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Name: Alisha Emmerence

Age (I was thinking late highschool for the ages here, but if you guys want to do college kids that works too): 15

Gender/preferred pronouns: female, she/her.

Sexuality: not quite sure, she's never liked anyone in her life.

Personality: Alisha is smarter than she looks. She's not the kind of person to share ideas/be all too in to the mystery, but she's concerned for what's going on/what she could do to help figure out who it is. She's a big reader/writer and has a big interest in science/math and also the unknown. She wasn't all too willing to go on this trip, but her older brother Jonah dragged her along and anyway it's supposed to be "fun" and a chance to get "fresh air" and her parents wouldn't shut up so here she is. She's not expecting much but will probably make good friendships and possible relationships if you're lucky.

Appearance: It's a shame she doesn't like anyone, because Alisha is pretty. Not in a "makeup, hair styling" sort of way, but more of a natural beauty. She's got red, straightish hair that goes just past her shoulders. It curls up sometimes but not often. You'll see her wearing it in a ponytail or just down on her shoulders. She wears simple clothes, just blue t-shirts and her all-the-time green rain jacket. Nothing special about it, she just likes it. She usually wears jeans and whatever she has. She's pretty short, probably 5'2'', and loathes it. She's probably seen wearing converse or whatever. She has light freckles you can't really see through the sunlight and brown eyes.

Other important details (backstory, relationships with other characters, etc.): She packed more books with clothes. She's a normal teenager, if you count sitting in a private place reading/studying/writing/researching instead of socializing/doing normal teenage stuff normal. She's not much of a social person, but she's not shy. She just doesn't like other people. On this trip she will probably actually learn how to hang with people/be a human. Also: not a nerd. She's quiet. Keeps her studies to herself. Also a Capricorn with a Scorpio moon (because I can generate sun and moons signs on the spot for my characters)

Can't post Jonah's form right now but I definitely will as soon as possible he's the best. And I don't want Alisha to end up dead but Jonah will probably be the first to die. Those are my only characters, probably, but neither of them will end up as the killer
please, ignore my screaming.

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