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The person I like is named Josh.

First off, when I met him, I noticed that he was really cute. Well, newsflash, there are a lot of cute guys. I usually just shrug it off and act normal, tell myself that I don't know them so I can't like them. I just like their looks. So when I first met Josh, this was how it was. He introdcued himself, high-fived me, blah blah blah. He was cute. Whatevs.

As time went on and I saw him more and more, I started to get to know him. I know that his dad is a pastor at the local church and that he's really involved in his/our youth group and church. We only had one direct conversation, but I've caught his gaze a few times :3

I had never liked anyone like that. I have a list of traits I look for in a guy...but I'd never known someone to meet so many of them. He had a girlfriend, but then they broke up and he was kind of upset. So I was upset. I didn't care if he had a girlfriend, as long as they were HAPPY. And he had NO REGRETS. That's the kind of life I wanted him to live, so when his heart broke, my heart broke for him. But sometimes your heart has to break to find your other half.

Not an hour passes when I don't think about him. When my friends and I are together, playing truth or dare, I love to talk about him. And when anyone mentions him, I go on red alert.

I love him. He's the first person I've loved. He leaves my crushes in the dust. Even though we've hardly talked directly and I don't know if he even knows my name, my heart breaks with his and I would be anything for him. I admire him and I just...I just love him. :]
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