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Originally Posted by Steampunk View Post
Yes same, I restart games at least once a week just to farm hourglasses. Itís tefious but one day itíll pay off (I hope).

And yes definitely, get those boys. I wish I could play it over the holiday but Iíve been losing enough sleep as is and my winter break is short bc we had a strike at the beginning of the year and Iím WEAK so I want to catch up on sleep instead.
Iím so?? Mad though?? My spring break is even shorter too so I have to wait aaall the way until summer to start on juminís route.
oOOF I could never put that much tedious effort in

HELL YES Iím going to start Juminís route again for sure. I missed too many chat rooms last time and gave up xD
Currently Iím sleeping too much tbh so I will wait a couple days to finish catching up on sleep xDD
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