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Post Harry Potter NES

So, the old HP NESs have all died out (I think) which is why I started this thread! So yeah, it will be set in Hogwarts (duh), during the time that Albus, Lily, Rose, Hugo, etc were at Hogwarts.

Your characters do not have to be you. They can just be a random character that you make up.

Here's the character form:

Age and Year:
Blood status:

My form:

Name and nickname (if any): Shayla Lucia Bailey. Her nickname is Shay.
Age and Year: 12, in her third year (she is born in May and is therefore younger than most in her year)
Appearance: Shay has medium-length wavy brunette hair that ends in loose ringlets. The roots sometimes look ash blonde. She has large amber eyes with a ring of dark green. Shay has a heart-shaped face and very prominent cheekbones. She is petite and is of average height , though she's one of the shortest people in her grade.
Personality: If you glanced at Shayla, you'd think she was shy, but when you get to know her, she's bubbly and talkative. She's clever, witty and sarcastic. She can seem somewhat arrogant and lazy at times. Shayla is described as 'stubborn' and 'argumentative', because she doesn't let things go easily. Shayla is OK at sports though she has no interest in Quidditch.
Blood status: Pureblood, but Shayla's not a pureblood maniac like some.
Family: Lucia Ann Bailey (mother), Anthony Dashell Bailey (father), Alizah Eden Bailey (older sister who is in her sixth year) and Tara Millicent Bailey (sister who is a year too young for Hogwarts).
House: Ravenclaw
Wand: 11 and a half inches, unicorn tail hair, hawthorn wood
Pets: An owl called Raspberry

Please join
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