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I'm soo sad right now I have this big musical theater performance thursday and I need the costumes by monday anyways I was painting them with that fabric paint and it was a huge mess but finally I got it under control and my mom stacked them while they were still wet and ruined them but she doesn't want to buy new t-shirts to paint even though on has a big black glob that won't come out.. She's being so stubborn and annoying and it's a huge wreck and I started crying cause I don't want to wear the t-shirt cause it looks really bad and she doesn't even care she's just sitting on the computer looking at more fish to buy.. WE DON"T NEED ANYMORE F****** FISH!! She always does this, the fish always matter more than I do, I want to show her the dance for this musical theater show and I have to stop cause I'm SCARING the stupid fish.. I can only practice at school or in my room where i can't do the cartwheels cause that's the only room that doesn't have a retarding fish tank..
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