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Default Jealous.

Last night was an orchestra concert. Everyone did great in the actual orchestra. The for the 2nd concert was extra curriculurs and we messed up a little and my mom got realy mad. I'm in 6th grade and she's like, "Well, that guy in front of you knew what he was doing!". That guy was in 8th grade Select Strings. That's like 5 years ahead of me. And she goes, "What?!
"Do you KNOW how advanced SS is?"
"Do you know MATH ?"
"Noami started playing when she was 3 and she got in, so how good do expect me to be?!"

I know it doesn't seem like much, but Naomi has everythnig. A bunch of friends, she's good at everything and the best viola player in the school. And I hate being compared to her.
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