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*whispers* yo imma butt in with my personal opinion again sorry

personally i think that sexuality/gender labels are rlly dumb
as is the fact that we actually have no pronoun for agendered/genderfluid people??? like 'they' is really dumb bc that's for more than one person and even though i know ppl who prefer that pronoun and it's their personal choice and everything we really really need a pronoun for agendered/genderfluid people because 'it' is pretty offensive (unless the person explicitly says thats what they'd like to be referred to in which case... again it's personal) and it just pisses me off that we dont have it
but going back to my original point
just love who u gonna love
and btw the proper way to ask someone what 'gender' (gender in quotes bc more personal opinion that i wont go into detail about unless someone really wants to know) they are is asking for their preferred gender pronoun (e.g. he/his/him, she/her/hers, they/their/theirs, and on occasion it) yeah ok thats all i have to say
*floats back into tumblr*
and of course i f o r g i v e
i've seen how you live
like a phoenix you r i s e
from the ashes
you pick up the p i e c e s
and the ghosts in the attic;
they never quite leave
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