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Originally Posted by Lily09 View Post
ze is the alternate pronoun if you don't wanna use they
i don't think its dumb, sometimes its unnecessary, but i wearmy labels proudly.
a lot of people think that the concept of gender is really unnecessary, and i can see the point of why, but at the same time, i feel like it's not bad to have gender there.
yeah but it's not universally recognized and it pisses me off still. plus it sounds a lot like she which confuses people into calling genderfluid/gender neutral people she/her/hers instead of their pgp. there's nothing wrong with knowing who you are and being proud of it. and i can understand why gender isn't that bad to have around. it just ticks me off that the majority of people think there are only two genders and honestly sometimes it seems like without sexuality/gender labels the world would be easier.
although the gender labels are infinitely more important to have than the sexuality labels, i should note.
Originally Posted by pluzzle View Post
lol hi everyone

I'm kind of attracted to one of my best friends (and I have been attracted to other girls in the past - like in the way that I would date or kiss them) but I like guys too?? like what I'm so confused ._>
hello friend welcome to the wonderful world of bi/pansexuality
bi is where you like girls and guys and pan is where you like all genders including nonbinary gendered people, to put it simply. wikipedia has a more in depth explanation so go there for all the clarifications and stuff.
and of course i f o r g i v e
i've seen how you live
like a phoenix you r i s e
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