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Originally Posted by Codename-X12 View Post
Hey you're back on finally! I guess this thread isn't really for me.
Great to see you again, man! //hugs
Originally Posted by Swallowtail View Post
I claim...uh...um...I don't know... and my name is Swallowtail.
I can just be in charge of parties for now or something. idk
All right. You need to claim someone, though, but I'll definitely add you
Originally Posted by CosmoCat View Post
omg i want elijah wood but i'd only rant about how much i love his perfect voice and blue eyes and how the one character he plays is mah boyfriend. TT-TT and i also don't have time to really get into it. sweet idea, tho!
Thanks! And you're welcome to join any time you want cccc:
just popped back in to save yall from that monstrosity of a signature. peace
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