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Originally Posted by AlgebraAddict View Post
it's okay. he's just an internet troll, and he can't hurt you if you don't let him. also we're all mature enough to handle this, and eventually he'll up and leave us alone. i promise.

I am 10 and i get scared easily and have nOT had an easy past. Just got an account on a game. called it JammedBeats. So i guy sends me message "Hi James? Did you get my message? =)" and I got so scared I deleted the game and deactivated my account.
Find out later the guy guessed my name legit from my account name, JammedBeats. Jam sounded like James, apparently. He did tick me off but you know what sCREW this and yeah.

ServicePlot is kind of creeping me out. And plus, did I just FREAKING find his bio? He commented on the new Garrett's arrival. wth
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