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Originally Posted by Jimmydude12 View Post

I am 10 and i get scared easily and have nOT had an easy past. Just got an account on a game. called it JammedBeats. So i guy sends me message "Hi James? Did you get my message? =)" and I got so scared I deleted the game and deactivated my account.
Find out later the guy guessed my name legit from my account name, JammedBeats. Jam sounded like James, apparently. He did tick me off but you know what sCREW this and yeah.

ServicePlot is kind of creeping me out. And plus, did I just FREAKING find his bio? He commented on the new Garrett's arrival. wth
heyy it's gonna be okay. I've been a ten-year-old kidpubber too and let me tell you it can only get better from here. I know you're scared out of your mind at the moment, but it's going to be JUST FINE. I promise. Just hold your head up high; I know it feels super awful and scary, but this service plot guy is just a piece of dirt who's super insecure and knows he can't have a real effect on the real world and real people, and that's why he's taken to harrassing kids online.

and I'll use you as a
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