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Name: Charlotte Adam

Age (I was thinking late highschool for the ages here, but if you guys want to do college kids that works too): 18

Gender/preferred pronouns: female, she/her

Sexuality: bi (though she’s closeted so she says she’s straight)

Personality: She can be really rude and cold to people she doesn’t like, and it’s not very hard to get her to dislike you. To those she likes she is really sweet and funny. Charlotte can be mercurial, seeming two-faced or temperamental to those who don’t like her. Charlotte is pretty smart and excels in math, but she is also arrogant because of it. She doesn’t trust easily, but deeply cared about those close to her. Many people think she is hard to get along with, partially because her tendency to push people away before they get close to her. On the inside though she really just wants to be loved.

Appearance: Long, mid-back curly black hair, dark bronze skin, and golden eyes. She always wears winged eyeliner and is good at makeup. She’s average height (about 5’ 5”) and curvy. Charlotte has a septum piercing and two earlobe piercings. She is pretty and knows it, though sometimes she gets too hung up on her looks being her worth. She has a large nose and full lips. She likes to wear clothes that accentuate her curves.

Other important details (backstory, relationships with other characters, etc.): Jonah’s girlfriend, dislikes his sister Alisha. Used to be friends with Chloe.
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