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Name: Alice Bender

Age: 15

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Wavy light blonde hair that goes to her lower back that has a pastel pink ombre at the ends. She has light skin and a slight build. She is about average height with a few curves and a small, slightly upturned nose. She has thin lips that are naturally light pink and short, stubby eyelashes. She has big, crystal blue eyes and looks pretty innocent.

Personality: Alice, despite being a Roman, doesn't care much about the whole Greek/Roman rivalry (and honestly doesn't really know a lot). She is sweet and caring, and sometimes she can lose herself in her love for others. She is very selfless and open. Alice gets excited easily and is a pretty go-with-the-flow person. Before realizing she was a demigod, she was very carefree and happy. It is hard for her to get angry or upset.

Weapon(s): Lightweight imperial gold sword

Greek/Roman: Roman

Godly Parent: Janus

Powers and Skills: Her powers are the following; she can sense deception and lies, so basically she's human lie detector. She also sees things as they are.

Background (History): Her mother, Lauri Bender, got a job in California and so they moved from Australia, which Lauri had been wanting to do for a long time, since she wanted to send her daughter to CJ. Her mom lives San Fransico, and visits New Rome about once a week. Alice has two brothers and a stepdad who love her but don't know about her father being Janus or CJ or anything since they're just mortals. They think that Alice is at a prestigious boarding school.

Other: N/a


Name: Jake Lyon

Age: 14

Sexuality: Bisexual (closeted)

Appearance: Jake looks similar to his half-brother Jason, with light brown hair instead of blond hair that is a bit on the long side and always windswept. His eyes are electric blue and intense. He has a straight nose with a few freckles and a bright smile. Jake has dimples and eyebrows that are a shade darker than his hair. Jake has an athletic build and is really tall, about 5' 10".

Personality: Jake considers himself a real ladies' man, and flirts as often as possible. He's funny (at least he thinks he is) and likes to tell jokes and make puns. He seems really open but actually is hiding a lot, and his constant flirting and jokes are a cover for his insecurities that no one actually likes him. He is anxious, but he does his best to hide it. Jake is usually a pretty happy guy, and always acts confident whether he feels good or not.

Weapon(s): Thunder, his Greek celestial bronze sword

Greek/Roman: Greek

Godly Parent: Zeus

Powers and Skills: He can summon lightning and manipulate the winds to his will, like Jason. Electricity crackles when he's in a storm or near a lot of electricity. He can actually end up shooting sparks off of himself, if he used his power recently and then gets wet. It's really embarrassing for him.

Background (History): His mom died a year ago, about when his powers were coming into being and he was being noticed by monsters, so his satyr took him to CHB. There he was comforted by Jason, since they're half-brothers, but Jake likes to think of them as brothers, and so that's what they say. Jake is thickheaded sometimes, so he doesn't listen when people say something is dangerous, and he wants to go on an important quest to prove that he is worth being at CHB.

Other: Nope


Name: Ami Johansson

Age: 13

Sexuality: Aromantic asexual

Appearance: Ami has shoulder length curly auburn hair that cannot ever seem to be straight no matter how many products she uses. She has piercing ice-blue eyes and long lashes. Her nose is medium-sized and she has full, pouty lips. Ami is short and curvy and likes dressing up.

Personality: A bit of a mom friend, despite being one of the younger campers, Ami is usually pretty serious. She is honest and quick-witted as well as smart. Typically Ami follows the rules and is a bit of a goody-two-shoes, but sometimes will find fun in breaking the rules. She is creative and likes to think outside of the box.

Weapon(s): A knife

Greek/Roman: Greek

Godly Parent: Khione

Powers and Skills: She can create blizzards and freeze water. She can also make the temperature drop in small amounts. Ami can also manipulate snow and ice. The colder it is, the stronger her powers are.

Background (History): Her dad doesn't know anything about the supernatural world, and he moved to England after Ami went to CHB five years ago. He does love her, and they video chat occasionally. Ami was unclaimed for 3 years since her mom refused to admit she had a kid. Ami and Khione's relationship is rocky, and she doesn't like to talk about it. Ami is proud of her dad, who is an author.

Other: N/A


Name: Stella Brooks

Age: 17

Sexuality: Lesbian

Appearance: Stella Brooks looks like a tennis player (which she is) with an athletic build and sun-bronzed skin. She is tall (5' 8") and has a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her hair is bleached blonde (though you can see the darker roots just a little). Stella has beautiful green eyes and calluses on her hands from playing guitar. She's an Apollo kid through and through.

Personality: You can tell Stella is a child of Apollo just by looking at her, and she also loves playing guitar and singing. She also plays sports (mostly tennis) and is super nice and helpful. She's definitely an extrovert, but can be shy sometimes (especially around pretty girls). She likes to help people and tries her best to be a good friend and member of camp. Stella likes the simple things in life and just having friends. She tends to daydream a lot. Heavy sleeper.

Weapon(s): Bow and arrow

Greek/Roman: Greek

Godly Parent: Apollo

Powers and Skills: She is good at any sport or musical instrument naturally (obviously, she's not like Olympic athlete good or perfect or anything the second she does it).

Background (History): tbd

Other: N/A


Name: Owen Kahale

Age: 16

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Owen is tall at 6' 1", and really attractive (his mom is Venus). He has short black hair (shorter on the sides than on top) and a great smile, which he uses often. Owen has deep brown eyes the color of melted chocolate and has dark bronze skin (his dad is Polynesian). Despite being attractive, he is pretty self-conscious.

Personality: Calm, rational, and a quick thinker, he thought his mother would be Bellona at first, so naturally Owen was a bit shocked to find his mother was Venus. He is sharp-eyed and smart, and can be sarcastic when he is tired. Owen is kinda awkward around girls sometimes and can be shy, but he is actually really nice once you get to know him. He is cunning and can be sly if he needs it, but is usually not sneaking around or anything. He excels at breaking rules, which he loves to do, despite being Centurion now. He's gotten better at following the rules since then, luckily. He has a temper but is usually decent at keeping it in check (though if he’s really stressed, something small could set him over the edge).

Weapon(s): Spear

Greek/Roman: Roman

Godly Parent: Venus

Powers and Skills: He can tell who a person has a crush just by seeing them in the same room, but that's not very useful in battle haha. He can see auras around people based on their feelings for the others in the room.

Background (History): Owen's dad never really seemed to care about him, acting embarrassed by him. His dad married and had a kid, and Owen was just the second-best. He was drawn towards the camp one day after a monster spotted him. Once he found out about the camp, he sent a letter to his dad, who seemed relieved to see him go. Owen tries not to talk about it.

Other: Centurion of the Second Cohort

btw what about the couples? what's gonna happen to Gisela and Owen and also Jake and Eloise?
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