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bringing this thread THE HECK BACK

because I totally understand soriel and can get behind it, especially during timelines when Asgore's dead. but in my hc sans is a pretty young man, and segun Handplates doesn't have parents.

so my actual favorite dynamic between sans and toriel is him desperately resisting having any parents (because boy is INDEPENDENT BOY and don't need no help from anyone but papyrus) and her just waiting for him to slip up and accidentally call her mom. which he does.

toriel: okay, everyone. you've got your hat and spare sweater, frisk?
frisk: yes mom
toriel: asriel, you've got water?
asriel: yes mom
toriel: alright. sans, make sure these two don't get into too much trouble, will you not?
sans: yes mom--! i mean

or alternatively

toriel: *trips and falls or gets burned by cooking oil or something* Ouch!
sans: mom!
sans: no
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