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Sammie: *startles* *sees you* *moves hands*

Peter: He’s asking why you have cat ears. Anyway, I’m Peter Paper. Sammie there is my brother. He’s mute, but he can hear you just fine.

Vera: What sort of new dream is this—! Oh, sorry. The name is Vera Sonyar. It’s nice to meet you.

David: I am David, and this is my brother Chance. We all know one another because we live in the same small town.

Chance: ‘tis not that alone. We are all members of the Council. My brother David is the—

David: We do not speak to strangers about this!

Chance: But these others know us not, and if our interaction is to bear any fruit we must be open with them! As I hope they will be with us.

Peter: *looking deeply suspicious* Chance, that seems wrong.

David: As always, he appears to have grasped the nature of something that I cannot. That being said—I do not know where we are, good people. Would you do me the favor of introducing yourselves?
i found love where it wasn't supposed to be;
right in front of me.
talk some sense to me...

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